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Need some advice?
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Can anybody advise on a good chat room for a band website?
Creating space to perform in SL
Video streaming
hiphop, RnB, trance, bla bla bla
URL for listening at live music venues remotely outside SL
Ack! Another major viewer 2 problem?
Help me regarding music software
Mac & BUTT, can it work?
Money on Second Life
question about groups
performing different types of music on SL
What's the best lighting to use at a venue?
Recommendations for DJ venue notices
subscribe-o-matic, tell me more about the possibilities
HELP - new Beta viewer - how put music stream into a venue?
ok looking for suggestions on an odd topic
Questions about having your own venue
where can I find a nice selection of musician hair for cheap
more new questions :)
more questions for Tishe :)
some questions from the clueless
a question about radio shows on second life
Busking in SL
I want My MP3s!
Live Music NOT included
Animated stupidity...
I miss playing
Stream issues
Live performer groups?
Cross reality events - is there an audience?
hair issues
Tip Sharing
To Manage or not to Manage that is the question!
Second Life Music can Equal Success and Profit - Part 1
Social Networking Battle Royale "Facebook VS MySpace&
Exporting group list to spreadsheet, database, anything...
Short term stream rental recommendations?
Remote broadband when I am away from home
Help with winamp!
Help - I can hear anything
HELP! Recession victim looking for web/SL scripting work
duo streaming....
Scripts! Arrrgh!
Help with sound quality
Tipping the Host(ess) (not venue)
Selling MP3s in SL
Counting attendence..
Building the SL Music Market *split from earlier thread*
Any way to get notices of Lindens received while offline?
How to properly promote an event?
How Do I make a inworld ticketed event work? (advice thread)
Google Calendar Help DESPARATELY Needed!!!
Where does a singer get music to sing with?
standard artist fee structure/estimate?
A Piece of Advice for any "new" musician in SL
New DJ - Mic/SAM Help
How much to tip?
NI Komplete5 or Roland Fantom-XR for main synth(s)?
New Griefer Tool?
Tip Jar Scripts
New guitar sound check.
How do I become a profitable venue & also pay performers
Soundproofing Performance Area --- any tips or suggestions?
Alexis multimix and Jetcast
Help with setup for USB streaming
Doubledown's Sooper Dooper Tip #2 - Getting People Involved
Does anyone have instructions in Spanish to stream?
Choosing a new stream provider
Using Voice
eeek!!! Hellllppp!!
How can I improve the sound of my guitar?
Doubledown's Sooper-Dooper Tip #5 - SL Sucks But Keep Workin
How to record?!?!??!?!?!
Second Life Event Posting
Licensing ... what and how much?
Video Streaming ... How to?
Purchasing Electric Piano/Keyboard on E Bay
Song writing help
Doubledown's Sooper-Dooper Tip #4 - Music Station on Land
Doubledown's Sooper-Dooper Tip #3 - Event Promotions
Doubledown's Sooper-Dooper Tip #1 - Get in local papers
Doubledown's Sooper-Dooper Tips!
Open Mic's
Avatar & Prim Capacity?
Quick invitations to Groups
Linking to an external website
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