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Performing LIVE in SL
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I have audio issues while singing?
Not new, but new to streaming from a Mac....
personal avatar
switching from guitar to piano and back during a gig in SL
Guitar moves in second life
using other avatars in performance
How good is your memory?
Weekly gigs at a venue- how much do you change it up?
some specific questions about streaming
How come at shows you often have to toggle to hear next act?
went to a venue to watch a show and I was hacked.
Getting the mix right? Dealing with the lag?
Need help testing stuff.
Help for new live entertainer.
Need a place to perform
Tip jars and their variations
Vocal Delay
Question about Hiding the Stream Url in SL
A great place to jam
Buying a stream; pros & cons...
The basics
Encoder question ?
Could use a Who's Who HUD
Metal anyone?
What do I do during the show?
Uplink Variability / Buffer Overruns / Stream Skips - HELP?
Buffer Overrun ?
Special Announcement!
Microphone setup
SOS Live artist needed Friday 25th July 7PM SL time
The common cold and singers performing LIVE in SL
Still clueless, how do I get started?
How do instrument-wielding musicians feel about...
setting up help with Shoutcast
SLMC needs more exposure and stuff
Problems and Issues: Live Performance Streaming.
Singing to a backing track
Stream skips and drops
Streaming audio server, should the venue provide one?
How often during a live set do you ask for tips?
Setting up Shoutcast to stream tutorial
Setting up SAM to stream tutorial
Chat Relays
Talking during a Dj set
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