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Success Stories and Articles
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Americans spending less on groceries but more on unhealthy f
ARTICLE - Steve Jobs and Music
Article: Top 3 Ways to Tell You’re Getting Ripped Off by a C
Article: Capturing Live Concert Footage: Let Your Fans Do th
Article: Between a Rock and Hard Spot: IP Piracy and Due Pro
Article - Music in the public eye
Article - Denver Music Summit
Virtual Worlds Song Contest Winners Announced
EDITORIAL: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – Myspace snuggle
Looking for something to do?
Popular Voting OpenFor Is One Life Enough Theme Song Contest
IOLE Song Contest Announcement Three
"Editorial; The death of MySpace?"
Article - ""Music Startups and Copyright Challenge
IOLE Song Contest Announcement Two
Interview with Keith Riaxik
Article - "The perfect music listener website?"
My EvaMoon Ember interview
Phew! A narrow escape!
Article - "The Revolution Continues"
Craig Lyons in LA Times
Article - "Compelled"
Article - "Covers Matter"
Article - "Learning by Doing"
My RL band in the charts!
Article - How the iPad will enhance virtually live music...
Article - "Celebrating all things Irish!"
Article - "Radio Tax or Free Pay for Air Play?"
Fyrm sleeps while the world turns.....
Article - "From virtually live to live"
Article - "Virtually Live Music IS Social Media!"
Article "Music Licensing - The Good, the Bad, and the U
Article: "On the nature of the mind and music…"
Article: "Is this music?" Yes!
Final issue of Role Magazine is out
New World Notes
Born Again Pagans In The Newz
Doubledown Tandino - Scoutlounge Interview
Xander Nichting, Al Hofmann and JooZz Live from Moly Malones
Rocking The Metaverse Tour Article
Cylindrian on CNN
Nice article in New World Notes - link to video
Music Matters Magazine
toronto star article in general
Today i was able to...
Busking In SL Article from Rez Magazine
Penn State MBA Student's Paper
The Born Again Pagans In The News!
Slim Warrior wins 2 International awards
The Born Again Pagans got themselves a headline!
movie deals and soundtracks
Drew Carey's Second Life Project feat music by Doubledown
Slim Warrior video featured on The Late Show
Honorable Mention
I did an interview - it just got posted
Looks like Von Johin got a record deal out of SL
Winston Ackland was busy in July
Relay Finale in world press
Doubledown is doin stuff
Zak is being interviewed by MacWorld
Ursula is in Sound Bites, Cher Resident of the Week
The America at Home book pic is on Yahoo now
Friendly Fire - Massively Article & Interview
Props to Zaphod Theas
Reveal Magazine Interview and Circe's Schedule
Dexter Ihnen
This isn't a success story
SLang Life Interview
Keiko on MTV
America At Home Book
AIM (London) article
Drew Carey Visits Ravelong
Metaverse Messenger recent issue....
Rez Magazine and audience awareness
Sailors Cove Theater on SLCN.TV
LL wants your stories
Slim Warrior, Redzone, DJ-Jenns Performing Musician Magazine
Slim Warrior on BBC Radio
The Entreprenuer's Guide To Second Life
Making a living in virtual world (Baltimore Sun Oct 25th 07)
Circe & Doubledown in the paper (for the 3rd time)
Doubledown Tandino in URB Magazine
The JAM 2007
CD and music marketing success story...
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